Biology Online Practice Test - Cell and Cell Division.


  •   Cell is the basic unit of life and all living organisms are made up of one or more cells.
  •    The branch of biology which deals with the study of cell structure,
  •   origin and its function is known as cytology.
  •   The Father of Cytology, Robert Hooke observed the dead cell in the thin slice of cork as small     honeycomb chambers in 1665 and 'named them 'Cellula'.
  •  In 1838-39, M Schleiden and T Schwann proposed cell theory, according to which cell is the structural and functional unit of life and all living beings are made up of cells. Later Rudolf Virchow modified cell theory by adding 'Omnis Cellula-e-Cellula', i.e. every cell arises from pre-existing cell (exception virus).
Cell and Cell Division
Cell and Cell Division

Types of Cell: -

  • Structurally cells are of two types, i.e. prokaryotic (lacks well-organised nucleus and advance cell organelles, e.g. mitochondria, ER, etc.) and eukaryotic (have well-organised nucleus due to the presence of nuclear membrane as well as other advance cell organelles).
  • Bacteria and blue-green algae are example of prokaryotic cells, while rest of the living beings are example of eukaryotic cells.
  •  Bacterial have primitive nucleus without a nuclear membrane and also lack cell organelles like mitochondria. Nuclear region in prokaryotes remains undefined and is called nucleoid

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